The Greatest Ab Exercise in the World

Today I’m going to write about what I believe to be the greatest ab exercise in the world (other than laughing of course!). Planks! One of the reasons this particular exercise is so great is because it builds isometric strength that helps to improve your waistline and improve your postures, which is something a lot of us, definitely myself included can always improve.  There are many different ways to do a plank and depending on which way you decided to do them it can also help to improve your arms, shoulders, glutes, back, and hamstrings.

Here are three common planks you can do right at home to help you build core strength: 

Forearm Plank 
This is the most common type of plank you will typically see people doing. You are laying at level with the ground and balancing on your forearms with your feet hip-width apart. I will usually do three sets of these for 90 seconds each, resting for about 30 seconds in-between.

Full Plank
This type of plank is very similar to the forearm plank only you are all the way up on your hands. You are in the same position only this time you are slightly elevated instead of being parallel to the ground. This is a great way to mix up the regular planks. Do this for 3 sets, 60 seconds each.

Side Plank
This type of plank will help to engage the sides of your core and improve your balance. Face either the right or the left and make sure your hips are up making a diagonal with your body. Include each side for 30 seconds, rest and repeat three times.


Planks are my favorite core exercise because they are so easy to do and you can do them anywhere at anytime. If you really want to make it fun do these in a group and have planking competitions!




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