A Change of Scenery

Today I decided to do something different than what I have been doing the past few months and go out on a hike. It was about 65 degrees without a cloud in the sky. Living in the city is really fun, but sometimes its nice it get out even if its just a day to […]

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5 Amazing Running Benefits

  In lieu of the Boston marathon today I figured a running post would be quite fitting. When you hear the phrase “let’s go for a run” it will either excite you or intimidate you. Running is one of the cheapest yet most effective forms of exercise however many of us are reluctant to do […]

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What does it mean to be healthy?

Being healthy is more than just hitting the gym and drinking protein smoothies every morning for breakfast. Being healthy comes in all shapes and sizes and is in your mind as well as your body. One common goal everyone has in life is to be happy, but if you are constantly criticizing yourself as well as others how […]

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Introduction to My Life

  My name is Ally Schermerhorn. I am 24 years old and I live in Boston, MA.  I currently work at an advertising agency and I am very passionate about marketing and advertising. In addition to my career my other passions revolve around health and fitness. My entire life I grew up playing sports and […]

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